According to eyewitness reports and the Larimer County Emergency radio channel, an air tanker has crashed near the Hermit Park / Pole Hill / Little…
BREAKING NEWS: is the newly elected Estes Park School Board holding a special meeting to fire Superintendent Sheldon Rosenkrance?Listen now (10 min) | Are we seeing what happened in Douglas County School District happen here in Estes Park? Please share out this breaking news.
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Video evidence confirmed
Estes Park School District and Superintendent Rosenkrance agree to Separate. But is that the whole story?Listen now (45 min) | Interviews with now former Superintendent Sheldon Rosenkrance, his wife and newly elected Board of Education President Stacy…
Impassioned and emotional public comment given to the Estes Park School District Board of Education, over the Separation Agreement between…Listen now (58 min) | Letter sent to the board signed by 149 educators, community members, parents, and stakeholders almost not read aloud. Hear the…
Breaking News: Retired Estes Park Police K9 Unit involved in AttackListen now (16 min) | Statement from Interim Police Chief Corey Pass, and Greeley Police PIO. Exclusive coverage from the Colorado Switchblade.
The Robin Hood of chronic pain patientsListen now (51 min) | an exclusive interview with Dr. Mark Ibsen on the war on pain patients and the CDC's rollback of damaging recommendations on…
Now that the midterm elections are over, the Estes Valley Community must look to our futures for our local schools, Fire Protection…Listen now (59 min) | Now is not the time to become complacent.
What is really happening in Ukraine?Listen now (77 min) | Three Estes Park Residents from Ukraine with families back home speak out in their own words
BREAKING NEWS: The Colorado Switchblade has obtained the Speratation Agreement between the School District and former superintendent Sheldon…Listen now (14 min) | Also, the Racial Discrimination Complaint against Cousin Pat's Restaurant has been dismissed. Also, new revelations about the…
What was the Active Mass Shooter Training like at Estes Park Highschool? Watch now (6 min) | See for yourself in with our new video of the training.