What is The Colorado Switchblade?

What is The Colorado Switchblade?

The Colorado Switchblade, spearheaded by Jason Van Tatenhove, presents a vibrant juxtaposition of satire and serious discourse. This platform showcases everything from local Colorado narratives to globally relevant insights, featuring engaging fiction and unique local stories. Here, Jason experiments with his gonzo-inspired narrative style, delivering fresh, edgy takes on political and societal analysis, including satirical and, at times, almost poetic reflections on our times.

This Platform's Vision

Jason’s personal sandbox, The Colorado Switchblade, is a confluence of art, journalism, and activism. It’s a realm of artistic and analytical exploration, reflecting a life dedicated to impactful storytelling. As his writing gains local news attention, the inclusion of satire offers a creative outlet to humorously and provocatively comment on societal norms and events.

About the Author

Jason Van Tatenhove is not just an author; he's a cultural architect shaped by the raw energy of punk and the innovative spirit of the New Journalists of the 1960s and '70s. Icons such as Tom Wolfe, Hunter S. Thompson, and Truman Capote revolutionized journalism by infusing it with literary techniques traditionally seen in fiction. Their work, rich in character, dialogue, and scene-setting, often emphasized the emotional depth of real-life events, presenting a nuanced and engaging view of the truth. This style, known as New Journalism, allowed writers to delve deeply into their subjects.

In his work at The Colorado Switchblade, Jason channels this innovative spirit, striving to bring a fresh, vivid perspective to each story. Although he regularly contributes to the Estes Park Trail-Gazette with a range from straight journalism to occasional editorial pieces, it is on The Colorado Switchblade where Jason truly soars, exploring his voice without bounds and diving deep into gonzo journalism.

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Subscribing to The Colorado Switchblade opens doors to a world where engaging local stories, thought-provoking podcasts, and insightful updates on Jason’s books and appearances merge. It's your portal to stories that resonate with the spirit of Colorado and analyses that dissect pivotal societal issues.

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As a subscriber, you join a community that cherishes depth and diversity in storytelling. Support Jason’s journey in tackling challenging narratives and crafting mesmerizing tales set against the backdrop of Colorado’s majestic landscapes. Subscribing not only supports the platform but also connects you with a community dedicated to making a difference through powerful storytelling. Join us for a mix of satire, in-depth analysis, and captivating fiction that explores the essence of Colorado and beyond.

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The Colorado Switchblade, led by Jason Van Tatenhove, blends satire with gonzo-style storytelling and sharp political insight, featuring local stories, engaging fiction, and podcasts from Colorado.


Jason Van Tatenhove: Author of 'The Perils of Extremism' and thrilling fiction. Known for blending political analysis with storytelling, he's a sought-after commentator and consultant, offering unique insights inspired by Colorado.