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A Community United: Navigating the Shadows of Human Trafficking to Find Mavis Brink

A Community United: Navigating the Shadows of Human Trafficking to Find Mavis Brink

From Estes Park to Las Vegas: Uniting in Hope and Action Amidst Uncertainty

7:52 am 12/01/2023: UPDATE Mavis is now safe with her family! More details to follow.

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In a special emergency episode of The Colorado Switchblade, we tackle a heart-wrenching issue that hits close to home—the disappearance of Mavis Brink, a teenager from Estes Park, who has mysteriously vanished in Las Vegas. This episode is more than a story; it's a call to action against the grim reality of human trafficking and a community's effort to bring Mavis home.

The Alarmingly High Incidence of Trafficking: In Nevada, the statistics are stark: over 8,000 children go missing each year, and Las Vegas is a known hotspot for human trafficking. This booming tourist destination also harbors a dark side, with the FBI identifying it as one of the country's 13 high-intensity areas for child prostitution. In 2017 alone, around 5,687 children were reported victims of sex trafficking in Nevada.

A Mother's Nightmare: Amber Brink, Mavis's mother and a long-time friend, shares her harrowing ordeal. Mavis, only 16, disappeared after a family vacation turned into a nightmare. The story unfolds with Mavis befriending a stranger at the airport, leading to a series of events that culminated in her disappearance. The family's frantic search, aided by local organizations like Las Vegas Angels and the police, highlights the community's rallying effort in this desperate situation.

The Community's Role: As Amber's story shows, community support is vital. From sharing updates to staying vigilant, every action counts. The Estes Park community has come together, echoing the importance of collective efforts in times of crisis.

Safety Strategies and Vital Resources: Awareness and safety are crucial in preventing such tragedies. Tips like staying aware of surroundings, traveling in groups, and being cautious with new acquaintances are essential. Organizations like Vegas Angels, the National Human Trafficking Hotline, and Nevada Child Seekers provide critical support and resources in these situations.

Conclusion: This episode of The Colorado Switchblade is more than just a broadcast; it's a community's united front in the face of adversity. We urge everyone to keep Mavis and her family in their thoughts and to remain proactive in sharing any information that might help in her safe return.

As we continue to follow Mavis's story, let us remember the power of a community in bringing change and hope. In addition to staying vigilant, here are some safety strategies and vital resources that can help in preventing and addressing situations like Mavis's:

Safety Strategies:

  1. Stay Aware: Always be alert, especially in unfamiliar places.

  2. Travel in Groups: Safety in numbers.

  3. Regular Contact: Keep in touch with family or friends during travels.

  4. Caution with New Acquaintances: Be wary of overly friendly strangers.

  5. Educational Awareness: Know and share the signs of human trafficking.


  1. Vegas Angels: Specializes in finding missing people in Las Vegas. Website:

  2. National Human Trafficking Hotline: For reporting trafficking. Call 1-888-373-7888 or text 233733.

  3. Nevada Child Seekers: Assists in finding missing children in Nevada. Phone: 702-458-7009, Website:

  4. F.R.E.E. International: Works to end human trafficking in the U.S. Phone: 702-423-6105, Website:

Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story and other pressing issues in our community.

Jason Van Tatenhove, Host, The Colorado Switchblade

If You Have Information: If anyone has information regarding the case of Mavis Brink, please contact the authorities immediately, The LVPD case # is: #LLV231100101175.

  1. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department:

    • Address: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Headquarters, 400 South Martin Luther King Boulevard, Building C, Las Vegas, NV, 89106

    • Public Information Officer Contact: Phone: 702-828-4082, Email:

    • General Contact: Phone: 702-828-3271

    • Website: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

UPDATED INFORMATION: I have just been informed by the Estes Park Police Department that they will not be taking on a role in the investigation, and any tips must be forwarded to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Las Vegas PD has already designated two ways to provide tips, and they need to remain the only central point of contact as the experts working on this case.

If you would like to support the family as they search for their missing daughter, you can do so through Venmo or the following GoFundMe page. Both have been verified with the family.

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