Apr 23, 2022 • 14M

BREAKING NEWS: The Colorado Switchblade has obtained the Speratation Agreement between the School District and former superintendent Sheldon Rosenkrance. Total Cost $166,490.18

Also, the Racial Discrimination Complaint against Cousin Pat's Restaurant has been dismissed. Also, new revelations about the beliefs of two of our newly elected Board of Education Members.

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I usually never post two podcasts in a day, but I felt that these breaking stories needed to be shared with the community, especially the School Board-related items.

I have obtained two new items of information related to the Estes Park School District Board of Directors. The First is the financial settlement regarding the Separation Agreement between the School District and now former Superintendent Sheldon Rosenkrance. This was obtained through a Colorado Open Records Act Release. You can find the full document further down in this article.

The second item is a Voter guide released by Christan Voter Guide.com out of Woodland Park, Colorado. It does shed some light on the beliefs of two of the newly elected board members.

Finally, we speak with Patrick Beard, the owner of Cousin Pat’s Bar and Grill, who was subject to a Colorado Racial Discrimination Complaint. The Complaint has been dismissed.

Here is the Separation Agreement that was released today by the Estes Park School District:

In total, this decision will cost the School District $166,490.18.