Watch Jason Van Tatenhove's in studio interview with Anderson Cooper's AC360 Show from two weeks ago.Watch now (4 min) | Speaking on how what we do with our democracy here in the US echos out through the world.
The murder of Tyree NicholsListen now (27 min) | An interview with Estes Park Police Chief David Hayes and his human reaction to the video out of Memphis.
Part one of a three part essay series. read to the end to see a version of the shining where the ending and the beginning start at exactly the same…
A tour of my visual work for those of you who only know me through my books, interviews and podcasts.
Estes Park Local is on a Hunger Strike to Bring Attention to Town Government's Lack of Response to Denver's Pleas for Help with an Immigrant…Listen now (53 min) | An exclusive interview with John Meissner on day two of his hunger strike.
Stepping into 2023 - My most important interview regarding the Estes Park School District Board on allowing a charter school. Listen now (71 min) | an Interview with educator and podcaster Mike Dunn

December 2022

The Future of the Estes Park Police Department, an exclusive audio interview with new Chief of Police, David HayesListen now (42 min) | and Town Administrator Travis Machalek
Breaking News: Vehicle crashes through the front wall of the Estes Park Pet Supply store.Watch now (27 sec) | Exclusive footage of the aftermath.
Looking to the Future of the Estes Valley Fire Protection District-an Interview with Fire Chief David Wolf. Listen now (50 min) | In our next episode, I interview Estes Park's new Chief of Police, David Hayes.
A Video Tour of the Estes Valley Fire Protection District Fire Station with Fire Chief Wolf.Watch now (8 min) | Here is the video accompaniment to today’s audio podcast in which I interview Fire Chief Wolf about the future of the Estes Valley…
Another win for our democracy-The verdict in the Oath Keepers seditious conspiracy caseListen now (80 min) | And the public comments of the most recent Board of Education public meeting along with other updates.

November 2022

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