Apr 20, 2022 • 45M

Estes Park School District and Superintendent Rosenkrance agree to Separate. But is that the whole story?

Interviews with now former Superintendent Sheldon Rosenkrance, his wife and newly elected Board of Education President Stacy Ferree.

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Jason VanTatenhove
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The Estes Park School District Board of Education held a Special Meeting on Tuesday. After the usual opening of the meeting and approval of the agenda, the board went into a closed Executive Session for a personnel matter regarding Superintendent Sheldon Rosenkrance.

The Executive Session concluded after approximately an hour and the next item of business was the approval of a Separation Agreement between the district and Rosenkrance. That agreement passed by a unanimous vote, which was followed by well-wishing by the board.

But was that the whole story?

I took the time to interview Rosenkrance and his wife who attended the meeting with their daughter. Newly elected Board of Education President Stacy Ferree and some of the parents and community members that attended (28 community members attended.)

No public input was considered, in fact, no public comment was allowed.

The meeting announcement was supposedly made public (which is required by law.) But many community members never got an email announcing the meeting nor could find it posted on the School District’s website

This riveting episode goes over these interviews and more.

There are questions left unanswered about why the board and Rosenkrance came to this decision. Why the details of the Separation Agreement (including financial obligations) are not being made public and why the timing has been so rushed. Especially after Rosenkrance has had such good performance reviews.

I have included his most recent here: