Mar 2, 2022 • 19M

An interview with my favorite Public Information Officer in Colorado

We speak with Public Information Officer Kent Keller of the Greeley Police Department, who uses humor and horrible memes to connect with the community.

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Jason VanTatenhove
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As journalists, we tend to wind up working with PIOs, otherwise known as Public Information Officers. Who have received formal training in journalism, communications, public relations, and public affairs to ensure that public announcements are made in the most appropriate fashion and through the most appropriate channels to maximize the impact of clear messages and minimize the impact of negative messages.

It is the job of a spokesperson to faithfully represent and advocate for the organization's positions, even when these conflict with their own opinion. As a result, spokespeople are generally selected from experienced, long-time employees or others known to support the organization's goals.*

Some PIOs can be very strict and straightforward, and some put more of human touch into their work, including humor.

PIO Kent Keller of the Greeley Police Department is one of these more human examples here in northern Colorado. I have found some of his social media releases so humorous that I reposted them to my Facebook feed.

So in today’s interview, we speak with Kent about what it is like to be a PIO in Colorado in his day-to-day work and how humor works for the police department.

*- According to Wikipedia.

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