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Unveiling the Realities: School Safety, Governor Polis's Address, and Estes Park Elections

Unveiling the Realities: School Safety, Governor Polis's Address, and Estes Park Elections

Insights on Political Extremism: Featuring My Video Interview with NBC Washington

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In our latest episode of "The Colorado Switchblade," we tackle some of the most urgent stories impacting Colorado today.

We open with a personal and community-focused discussion on the recent bomb threats to schools and synagogues across Colorado. As a parent and community member, I share my firsthand experience of the incident, examining the broader implications for school safety and community security.

We then shift our focus to Governor Jared Polis's State of the State address, dissecting his vision for tackling Colorado's housing crisis and transportation needs.

The episode wraps up with insights into the upcoming municipal elections in Estes Park. We outline key dates and candidates, emphasizing the importance of these elections in shaping our local governance's future.

Listen to the full episode for an in-depth exploration of these pressing issues, reflections on personal experiences, and a candid discussion on the state of our community and state.

Here is an interview that I did with NBC Washington that aired yesterday. The others interviewed, and I (with whom I have had speaking engagements) discuss alarming findings from a survey on Americans' attitudes toward political violence. The survey, which included over 8,600 participants, revealed that a significant portion of Americans believe violence could be justified in various political scenarios. It highlights concern over the growing support for political violence, particularly among anti-government movements and recent firearm purchasers. The article features insights from Dr. Garen Wintemute, who initiated the research, and myself, who emphasizes the power of storytelling over truth in these movements. The article also addresses the potential dangers posed by armed individuals who support political violence.

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Also, below, you will find the link to a similar incident to this week's bomb scare that happened on February 22 last year.

Jason Van Tatenhove, an acclaimed author and consultant, intricately blends his writing and political activism expertise. He penned the non-fiction work ‘The Perils of Extremism’ and several fictional titles set amidst the scenic backdrop of Estes Park, Colorado, such as ‘Colorado’s Chance: The Firewalker.’ As a consultant with Georgetown Law’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection and a vocal contributor to MSNBC and CNN, Jason casts a discerning eye on violent political extremism and misinformation, even testifying before Congress on these pressing issues. His writings have found a home in various publications, including Newsweek, Salon, Giant Freakin Robot, and Estes Park Trail-Gazette, seamlessly traversing through diverse media landscapes across Colorado.

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