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Unveiling Government Secrets: A Candid Conversation with Jeff Roberts of the CFOIC on The Colorado Switchblade

Unveiling Government Secrets: A Candid Conversation with Jeff Roberts of the CFOIC on The Colorado Switchblade

Hello, Switchbladers,

Today's podcast takes us deep into the heart of a topic that's essential yet often sidelined in our discussions about democracy: the transparency and openness of our government. Our special guest, Jeff Roberts, the Executive Director of the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this crucial conversation.

Jeff Roberts: Journalist Turned Transparency Advocate

Jeff isn't your average advocate. His journey from a distinguished two-decade-long career at the Denver Post to leading the CFOIC is a story of unwavering dedication to truth and transparency. Under his leadership, the CFOIC has become a bulwark in the fight for access to open records and meetings, ensuring that Colorado's government remains answerable to its people.

The CFOIC's Critical Role

We delve into the CFOIC's pivotal role in advocating for our right to know. Their relentless efforts ensure journalists, citizens, and community members can harness public records to hold local governments accountable.

Digital Media's Double-Edged Sword

The shift to digital media brings both opportunities and challenges in accessing information. Jeff discusses how this transformation is reshaping the landscape of information access and the strategies the CFOIC employs to adapt.

On the Frontlines of Legal Battles

Jeff sheds light on significant legal battles, highlighting the importance of recognizing text messages regarding public business as public records. These cases underscore the CFOIC's vital role in championing open government.

Advice for Emerging Journalists

For the aspiring journalists and writers among us, Jeff offers invaluable advice on maximizing the potential of freedom of information laws in Colorado. His tips are a must-read for anyone embarking on a career in investigative journalism.

Looking Ahead: CFOIC's Future Goals

Jeff shares insights into the CFOIC's upcoming projects and objectives, focusing on issues like the use of disappearing messaging apps in government communication.

Join the Fight for Transparency

Our discussion concludes with ways you, our listeners, can contribute to the cause of open government. Your support and engagement are crucial in this ongoing battle for transparency.


Thank you for tuning in to The Colorado Switchblade. Remember, our collective effort is vital in keeping our government open and accountable.

Stay informed, stay engaged, and until next time, stay classy, Colorado.


You can find more information at CFOIC’s Website, including social media links:

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