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What is a constitutional sheriff? Are they actually legal in what they claim?

What is a constitutional sheriff? Are they actually legal in what they claim?

and can they legally oversee the election process.
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In today’s episode, we go over a new fact sheet on the topic of ‘constitutional sheriffs.’ This fact sheet put out by States United Democracy Center and Georgetown Law’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection does one of the best jobs I have come across when it comes to breaking down what the current myths and conspiracy theories surrounding the rise of the ‘Constitutional Sheriffs’ movement which has notably been taking root in areas throughout our nation including Texas and the Pacific Northwest.

With the midterm elections just two short weeks away and the advent of suspected voter intimidation already popping up in areas, I thought it was essential to help get this information out there.

In the information, they answer the questions:

What is the “Constitutional Sheriffs” movement?

Is it true that Sheriffs are the highest law of the land, answerable only to the U.S. Constitution?

Do Sheriffs have the authority to oversee the administration of elections?

Do Sheriffs have the authority to investigate election fraud?

Can Sheriffs deputize private citizens to assist in election fraud investigations?

Can Sheriffs obtain voter information in their jurisdictions?

If a Sheriff is not responsible for investigating election fraud, then who is?

What do I do if I think a county Sheriff is acting outside his or her authority?

What is a Sheriff, and how is a Sheriff different from a police chief?

What are the duties of a Sheriff?

Who can remove a Sheriff?

You can find the fact sheet I read in the episode by following this link.


I would like to thank the folks over at George Town Law’s ICAP for giving me permission to go over and use this fact sheet.

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