Jun 1, 2022 • 46M

Today we discuss homelessness in Colorado and a new task force in Estes Park that may actually help with workforce housing...maybe

Interviews with Cathy Alderman, Chief Communications and Public Policy Officer Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, and Attorney Bill Brown.

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In today’s podcast episode, we have discussions about homelessness in Colorado with Cathy Alderman, Chief Communications and Public Policy Officer at Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. Our topics of discussion ranged from the significantly higher chances of experiencing sexual assault as a woman experiencing homelessness to how housing crises like we are experiencing here in Estes Park contribute to the skyrocketing homelessness in Colorado to what you and I can do to help.

We then speak with local Estes Park Attorney Bill Brown about a new task force he is a part of that may help find some solutions to our workforce housing crisis here in Estes Park.

You can register to see the zoom meeting tomorrow by following this link.

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