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This is the week I finish my upcoming book, some local news updates and spitting in the Hudson.

This is the week I finish my upcoming book, some local news updates and spitting in the Hudson.

Plus a link to my interview with ex Trump fixer and personal attorney Michael Cohen on his Mea Culpa podcast.
Behind the scenes, we are shooting for a new MSNBC Documentary at The Wheel in Estes Park.

Here is the link to my interview with Michael Cohen on his Mea Culpa podcast (just click the image):

Well, it’s been a crazy week for me. I shot footage over three days for two news affiliates and a documentary crew for MS NBC that included Trevor Noah’s Production Company and Time Studio. While I am now down to the final home stretch for completing my upcoming book, I have been doing my best to balance the writing and editing needed to complete it, and I hope to have the first draft of the book finished by next week.

It was a strange start to the school year for my daughters, having their family home invaded by film crews as we were getting them into the groove of a new year. I appreciate how much they have been able to adapt to life in all of its crazy serpentine twists.

Originally my final deadline for the book was to be August 31st. But that was before we knew I would be asked to testify before the Congressional Select Committee and the subsequent avalanche of media appearances. While in the middle of it all, I reached out to my editor at Skyhorse Publishing to ask whether they would like to give me some more time and extend the deadline a little so I could continue the media blitz. They graciously gave me an extra two to four weeks to get them the final draft. I am pushing to finish the first draft by next week still. This will give me up to a month to polish everything up and ensure it’s the best work I can do.

I have also been working behind the scenes on a possible tv series project that will feature myself, and so far, we are getting some great responses from all the right people. I will not discuss it until we have a deal signed, but I may have some fascinating things happening after my book is finished and released.

I have tried to take a break from my media appearances, but TV producers are a relentless bunch that doesn’t take no for an easy answer. Plus, I must weigh the payoff for my family in a year. I have to be realistic that this book, more than any other, may be my only chance to capture some eyeballs and readers to garner enough interest in what I am doing with my life, in writing and art and creative projects that it may mean I can continue my projects in a way that brings our family economic reality out of the poverty line we have lived so far below for so long.

Life is changing fast, and I am doing my best to keep pace. We will see if I can pull it all off.

So, the next few weeks will be lighter on local news coverage. And lighter in general. Today I will be posting the link to a great interview discussion I had with someone who has had a very similar experience as I have had. Michael Cohen. Yes, that Michael Cohen, the infamous ex-fixer for Trump. But I have to say; if you listen to what he has been putting out there since he was released from prison, he’s doing some great work towards repairing some of the damage he has done, much as I am trying to fix things as I can anyways. It’s a great conversation and seems to have gone a bit viral.

I will also include on the podcast (you are going to have to listen to the actual podcast to hear the story) a story about a time my grandfather took me to NYC when I was very young and taught me to spit in the Hudson River, and what that meant to me. (I may have also met Andy Warhol during this trip that ended at the flea market in Greenwich Village.)

Unfortunately, that’s it for this week's podcast. That happens when you listen to a writer with a looming deadline. But I will be back as soon as my first draft is completed! That is when the real fun begins.

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