Dec 12, 2022 • 42M

The Future of the Estes Park Police Department, an exclusive audio interview with new Chief of Police, David Hayes

and Town Administrator Travis Machalek

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In today’s podcast episode, we continue with our ‘Future of Estes Park’ Series. Today we sit down to talk with Estes Park’s newest Chief of Police, David Hayes.

This is a casual conversation to get to know our new Chief as a human being.

Hayes most recently served as Chief of Police in Louisville, where he has held the top spot since 2014. During his tenure as Chief, he helped the town of Louisville navigate the devastating Marshall Fire in 2021. Before that, he was with the Boulder Police Department, where he served for over 30 years.

Hayes says he focuses on community policing issues, including mental health co-response, domestic violence, crisis advocacy, restorative justice, and police chaplain services.

In 2021 Hayes was recognized for his work by being awarded the Boulder County District Attorney’s award for service to victims of domestic violence.

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