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The Fate of the Estes Park School Board: Lessons from Woodland Park

The Fate of the Estes Park School Board: Lessons from Woodland Park

An Interview with Colorado Times Recorder Columnist Logan M Davis

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In today’s episode, I sit down and have a conversation with Logan Davis, a political consultant, researcher, and columnist for the Colorado Times Recorder.

In essence, the interview delves deep into the politics of school boards, illuminating the intricate play of power, influence, and national agendas at the local level. Logan Davis brings his expertise to highlight how seemingly minor school board elections might have ramifications that go beyond the local community, potentially affecting the larger political landscape.

This is a vitally important issue here in the Estes Valey, as the upcoming election will determine the future of our children’s education. Some of the same players are involved and have connections to far-right politicians like Congresswoman Lauren Boebert – who ranks as one of the most extreme right-wing members of Congress.

Davis has noticed an unsettling trend in local school boards, particularly in Woodland Park. The lack of comprehensive local press led Davis to concentrate on this area, resulting in significant coverage.

He also explains that what happened in Woodland Park mirrors a national movement, where local school board elections have broader implications, with certain political groups using them as a springboard.

The "Parents' Rights Movement," according to Davis, began as a way to keep conservative voters engaged after certain high-profile political moments like the Stop the Steal campaign post-2020 election. It began with a focus on critical race theory in Loudoun County, Virginia, and expanded to other issues like social-emotional learning and more. Davis believes that while the movement might have been "astroturfed" or artificially orchestrated at first, it has since taken on a life of its own, resonating with specific groups of parents.

You can find his articles written on the subject for The Colorado Times Recorder (CTR) below:

(I strongly suggest you read them all in order. And if you have not yet checked out the work that CTR, you really should.)

The Small Colorado Town at the Center of Far-Right Plans for American Schools

The Specialists: A Woodland Park Investigation

American Birthright: A Woodland Park Investigation

Buying the Birthright: A Woodland Park Investigation

Secret Audio Recording Reveals Inner-Workings of Woodland Park Takeover

Onward Christian Soldiers – A Woodland Park Investigation

We break all of this down in our conversation and, more importantly, discuss actions that our community can take to safeguard the upcoming election and the future of our children’s education in this important interview for the community of Estes Park, Colorado.

Here is information from the Estes Park School District on the upcoming elections: School Board Election

Candidates for the office of School Director of the Estes Park School District R-3

Click here for candidate information

Kyri Cox

Kevin Morris

Bradley Shochat

Brenda Wyss

If you would like to read more of Davis’s writing, here are a few more links:

  • A series from last year on the personal financial disclosures filed by elected officials in CO: [1][2][3]

  • A column lamenting how widespread petty corruption is: [1]

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