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Shadows Over Sunshine: The Fight for Transparency in Colorado and the Trump vs. Anderson Aftermath

Shadows Over Sunshine: The Fight for Transparency in Colorado and the Trump vs. Anderson Aftermath

Diving into Colorado's Controversial Bill and the Supreme Court Decision Shaping the Future of American Democracy

Welcome back to The Colorado Switchblade, your dive into the depths of government transparency and the quest for ethical governance across the nation. Recently, Governor Jared Polis signed a bill that has stirred significant controversy around public meetings and transparency. We've reached out to him for a candid discussion on its far-reaching implications, hoping to share this pivotal conversation with you in a forthcoming episode.

In preparation, I delved into Corey Hutchins's insightful analysis on this topic. His detailed examination sheds light on the intricacies of this development. I highly recommend his work on The Colorado News Behind the News for those seeking a deeper understanding.

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In today's episode, we delve into the heart of political activism with Claudine Schneider and Donald Sherman of CREW, who were instrumental in advancing the landmark Trump vs. Anderson case to the Supreme Court. Their insights, coming shortly after the Court's historic decision, shed light on the ongoing dialogue about political integrity, the rule of law, and the future of ethical governance in America.

The recent Supreme Court decision in the Trump vs. Anderson case marks a pivotal moment in American legal history, addressing the boundaries of the 14th Amendment in the context of presidential eligibility. This ruling not only influences the political landscape but also sets a precedent for how legal frameworks interact with democratic processes. Our discussion with Claudine Schneider and Donald Sherman of CREW, who are directly involved in this historic case, offers unique insights into the implications of this decision and its role in shaping the future of governance and law in America.

Claudine Schneider is an American economist and former politician who served as a Republican U.S. representative from Rhode Island. She's notable for being the first and only woman elected to Congress from Rhode Island and is the founder of Republicans for Integrity. Schneider has a background in environmental matters and ecological economics and has endorsed candidates across party lines for presidential elections. She was also one of six petitioners in the Trump v. Anderson case, seeking to uphold the Colorado decision to remove former President Trump from the ballot based on the 14th Amendment. She has called Colorado home for the past two decades.

Donald K. Sherman is a friend of the show and has appeared on it before. He serves as CREW's Executive Vice President and Chief Counsel and has a background in various oversight, ethics, and policy roles across the Executive Branch and Congress. He has worked at the White House, Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, House Ethics Committee, and House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Jason Van Tatenhove, Claudine Schneider, and Donald Sherman at the CREW offices in Washington, DC, this week.

Join us for an enlightening exploration into the heart of America's democratic values.


Jason Van Tatenhove, an acclaimed author and consultant, intricately blends his writing and political activism expertise. He penned the non-fiction work ‘The Perils of Extremism’ and several fictional titles set amidst the scenic backdrop of Estes Park, Colorado, such as ‘Colorado’s Chance: The Firewalker.’ As a consultant with Georgetown Law’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection and a vocal contributor to MSNBC and CNN, Jason casts a discerning eye on violent political extremism and misinformation, even testifying before Congress on these pressing issues. His writings have found a home in various publications, including Newsweek, Salon, Giant Freakin Robot, and Estes Park Trail-Gazette, seamlessly traversing through diverse media landscapes across Colorado.

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