Feb 3, 2022

Our first podcast

The Colorado Switchblade introduces new local news and culture podcasts

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Jason VanTatenhove
Colorado's Counter Culture Magazine. Covering local arts, music, writing, local breaking news, deep-dive investigative articles, and podcasts based in Estes Park by Journalist, Author, and Artist Jason Van Tatenhove. https://coloradoswitchblade.com


Today the Colorado Switchblade is launching a new local news and culture podcast. Episodes will be weekly and include topics relating to Estes Park and the Colorado Front Range.

In today’s episode, we introduce the format of the podcast and then dive into the passing of our local storms. Both the cold and snow variety and the COVID variety.

Next week we will be speaking with the town of Estes Park Trustee candidate Kevin Benes.

If you are a business owner in Estes Park or Colorado and interested in sponsoring these podcasts, (We will only be having up to 3 sponsors per month.) Please reach out to Jason at jason@coloradoswitchblade.com

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