Oct 12, 2022 • 45M

The Magic of Mushrooms; A breakdown of Proposition 122 being decided in the upcoming state election.

Is the Loop in Estes Park Bust? An update on the dismal bids for the local FLAP (Federal Lands Access Program) Project.

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In today’s episode, we go over the latest update to the local FLAP (Federal Lands Access Program) project. And the dismal and unexpected state of the bids received on the project. The lowest bid received was approximately 27 million dollars, nearly double the recently projected costs.

We also get into an in-depth look at proposition 122, which will be on the upcoming state-wide election on November 8, 2022.

Proposition 122 proposes to amend Colorado Statutes to allow:

By late 2024, allow the supervised use of psychedelic mushrooms by individuals aged 21 and over at licensed facilities and require the state to create a regulatory structure for the operation of these licensed facilities;

Allow the state to expand the types of substances that may be used in licensed facilities to include the use of additional plant-based psychedelic substances — dimethyltryptamine (DMT), ibogaine, or mescaline — starting in 2026;

Decriminalize the personal possession, growing, sharing, and use, but not the sale, of five natural psychedelic substances by individuals aged 21 and over, including two substances found in psychedelic mushrooms — psilocybin and psilocin — and three plant-based psychedelic substances — dimethyltryptamine, ibogaine, and mescaline;

Allow local governments to regulate the time, place, and manner of operation of licensed facilities while prohibiting local governments from banning licensed facilities, services, and use of natural psychedelic substances; and

Establish penalties for individuals under 21 for possessing, using, or transporting natural psychedelic substances and for individuals aged 21 and over who allow underage access to these substances.

What Your Vote Means:

YES: A “yes” vote on Proposition 122 requires the state to establish a regulated system for accessing psychedelic mushrooms and, if approved by the regulating state agency, additional plant-based psychedelic substances decriminalize the possession and use of psychedelic mushrooms and certain plant-based psychedelic substances in Colorado law for individuals aged 21 and over.

NO: A “no” vote on Proposition 122 means that the possession and use of psychedelic mushrooms and other plant-based psychedelic substances will remain illegal under state law.

The Newsweek article I reference in the podcast on magic mushrooms can be found here.

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