Dec 6, 2022 • 50M

Looking to the Future of the Estes Valley Fire Protection District-an Interview with Fire Chief David Wolf.

In our next episode, I interview Estes Park's new Chief of Police, David Hayes.

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In a continuation of our series looking at the future of Estes Park, we dive into the future of fire protection in an in-depth interview with Estes Valley Fire Protection District Fire Chief (EVFPD) David Wolf. There is also an accompanying video tour of the current EVFPD Fire station that you can watch by following the link below.

The Colorado Switchblade
A Video Tour of the Estes Valley Fire Protection District Fire Station with Fire Chief Wolf.
Watch now (8 min) | Here is the video accompaniment to today’s audio podcast in which I interview Fire Chief Wolf about the future of the Estes Valley Fire Protection District…
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The interview with Chief Wolf in the audio podcast starts at about seven and a half minutes. In the interview, we discuss the possible challenges that the EVFPD may face in the next five to ten years and what might be some of the ways we move forward as a community to meet those challenges. Chief Wolf also breaks down in plain language how funding for the fire district works.

Here is the previous article I wrote about the public input that the EVFPD has been asking for public input on.

The Colorado Switchblade
Now that the midterm elections are over, the Estes Valley Community must look to our futures for our local schools, Fire Protection District, and journalism.
Listen now (59 min) | (Please Note: I am no longer on social media of any kind. If you feel this is an important story, please share it with the community via your social media.) As the Estes Park Community moves forward from the mid-term elections, the Colorado Switchblade begins to look into three separate issues that will have wide-ranging …
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