May 4, 2022 • 1HR 2M

Interview with fellow Estes Park Podcaster Randy Silkwood of the Reframed Podcast

We also go into a round-up of this week’s top news stories, including the leaked Supreme Court document, the Hospital Board election results, and the search for a new Police Chief in Estes Park.

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Jason VanTatenhove
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In today’s episode, we discuss the leaked Supreme Court documents, the Hospital Board election results, and the search for a new Chief of Police in Estes Park (and the appointment of Corey Pass as the interim Chief of Police in the meantime.)

Here are the unofficial election results I received last night:

We also have a meet and greet for candidates in the Town of Estes Park’s Police Department hiring process later today.

The Town has also appointed Captain Corey Pass to serve as the interim Police Chief starting May 6th at 5:00 pm after Police Chief Wes Kufeld retires this Friday at 5 pm.

For our interview today, we have a discussion with fellow local podcaster Randy Silkwood of the Reframed Podcast about the rise of podcasting in Estes Park and how the pandemic may have helped to kick it off.

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