Feb 12, 2022 • 40M

Estes Park resident is being evicted during the housing crisis, with no open rentals in town

He believes it is in retaliation for voicing safety and maintenance concerns including a SWAT team raid that happened in his building. He has never been late with rent once in seven years as a tenant.

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Jason VanTatenhove
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In this episode of the Colorado Switchblade podcast, we tell you the story of 52-year-old Estes Park resident Sam Molina. Who is now facing the full blunt force trauma of the Estes Park Housing Crisis.

This past week he was served with eviction papers. Not because he has ever been late with rent. In fact, during the entire tenure of his seven years of renting his apartment here in Estes Park, he has never been late with rent once.

He lives alone with no pets and has a quiet lifestyle. He has had a good steady job as a bartender at a major resort in town the entire time he has had his apartment.

So the real question is why is this seemingly ideal renter and member of the community being put out on the streets at a time when there are no apartments or even storage units available in town?

In this episode, we give Sam a venue to tell his story in his own words and why he thinks that he has been evicted.

The following are photographs provided by Sam that he claims illustrate some of the issues he complained about to the property management company that he believes in part led to his being evicted. He also believes his safety complaints about a SWAT raid in his building also was part of why he is being evicted.

a hypodermic needle that Sam claims he found outside of his apartment window.

A horror novel set in Estes Park.