Mar 4, 2022 • 24M

Announcing the 'Propagandist' project

A new serial audiobook project telling the story of my time with the Oath Keepers and the Congressional inquest.

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Jason VanTatenhove
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Today I am announcing a new serial audiobook project entitled ‘The Propagandist.’

There is a huge amount of interest from the national press and followers of my work regarding my experiences as the National Media Director of the extremist militia group the ‘Oath Keepers.’ I have been working on a novel documenting my time with the group and the subsequent congressional investigations. My literary agent has been shopping around the book to major publishers with no luck on a deal.

I have decided to chronicle my story in an audiobook format that will jump between my time as National Media Director, along with current happenings with the Congressional inquest. This will be in podcast format only for paid members of the Colorado Switchblade.

Memberships are only $5 a month and that goes directly to supporting my family and writing and media endeavors, allowing me to continue to tell the stories that I do. All my other content as always will be available to everyone free of charge. “Information wants to be free!”

At the conclusion of this project, I will use each episode as a chapter in a printed ebook and novel. But now you can go through the shared journey as I write the book in audio format. I will release the first actual episode of this project next week after I get back to Estes Park, Colorado from speaking on the record with the Congressional investigators working on the January 6th insurrection inquest.

If you know of anyone that would be interested in this project please share this post with them.

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