Attempted Arson in Estes Park

Exclusive Footage of the Response by Estes Park First Responders and a quick interview with tenants.

the scene of the incident - Photo by the Colorado Switchblade

On Thursday, Town of Estes Park Police responded to a report of erratic behavior at the same apartment building where a previous SWAT action had taken place and then, later that night, an attempted arson.

A few hours later, a fire was intentionally started in a common hallway in the building. According to eyewitness accounts, residents were able to tamp the fire down before the Estes Park First Responders got to the scene.

The Colorado Switchblade was on hand during the response and captured this exclusive footage and a quick interview with two of the tenants.

The Colorado Switchblade
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Please see the following press release from the Estes Park Police Department about the incident and subsequent arrest.

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